Kenzo Takada, designer of a line of Haute Jewelry for "10 Royale"

After 30 years of glory in the world of fashion, Kenzo Takada, has launched a new challenge in creating a jewelry edition of Haute Jewelry at the initiative of Vianney d'Alançon, 27 year old president of the house of`10 Royale.'

Music free of right / Bandit &Nikit 2012

Vianney d'Alançon : The heart of our business is the special order, the made to measure, and we have therefore decided to open our collaboration with artists like Kenzo Takada. Our goal is to work with artists who have a lack of knowledge of materials, which allows us to develop a technical point of view in our workshops, and it's very interesting because Kenzo has a creativity which allows us to push the boundaries a little.

Kenzo Takada : I met Vianney, I even came into the workshop and I saw the people who make the jewelry, it really gave me a desire to try something. I took 2 themes, one that's rather classic, floral and something a bit more graphic, it had an astral theme. In fact it's a picture of my family seal which originally is represented by a campanula flower that looks like a star and I even ordered it for myself.

I like the flower side of the field, something quite wild or natural. And in May-June last year, I went to Italy and I came across a poppy field. I took lots of pictures and it was windy, so all the petals moved. This is what struck me so I thought we should find this print of petals that move, it gives lightness.

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