Maison Martin Margiela Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris

At the Chaillot National Theatre, Maison Martin Margiela delivers a truly elegant collection with brightness as its common thread, concentrating on corset belts, detachable sleeves or bustier dresses embroidered with pearls and multicoloured sequins. Chez Margiela, basics are reinterpreted and reworked with jagged cuts, back-to-front and accessorised in a thousand and one different styles...A chiffon tail is gathered in front, worn over suit trousers whilst a lace top feminises a striped tennis skirt. There is evidence of layering, with bustier or embroidered waistcoats worn on silk blouse and a trench-coat is transformed into a strappy dress...Everything is about attitude and styling. As usual, the collection bursts with ideas and interesting suggestions.

Music from the show

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