Hunter Original Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in London

The Hunter Original fashion show was the event of the day in London. The brand is well-known for its famous boots which every English person should have in their wardrobe, having been kept in fashion by all the it-girls, in particular Kate Moss - the first to be photographed wearing them whilst at a British music festival. They are even perfect for the mud and storms which descend upon the capital at the moment...and for the puddles on the podium which ressembles a completely waterlogged forest path. The male and female models wear long or short plastic boots as part of a range of functional clothing to brave the rain and cold! Windbreakers, military parkas, duffle-coats, puffa jackets, pea jackets, trench-coats, everything is here, twisted and reinvented with fancy touches in the materials, the colours, double-zip detailing, contrasting pockets or hats with openings on the eyes.Music free rights : Bandit & Nikit-2012

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions