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ETRO - Spring/Summer show 2018 in Milan (with interviews)

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Designer : kean and veronica etroatmosphere: a room bathed in light, the floor covered in carpet with the iconic motifs of the house and large panels with palm trees printed upon a white background. collection: 50 years in 2018 of this family fashion house are celebrated through its first mixed men’s and women’s show and brother and sister, kean and veronica etro gather for the first time on the same catwalk. a collection which starts with white looks embellished with gold and silver embroidery then colour and paisley prints make their appearance. a real ode to the famous and iconic motifs of the house. as always, the idea of travel is a source of inspiration with a stop in india this season. to note: the men’s jacket embroidered completely with gems is also found in a version for women. the dresses are long, fluid, tight at the waist with puffed sleeves raised for some, from a small bolero or small embroidered bra + shawls wrapped around the shoulders to india with large earrings which light up the faces of the models. interviews from kean and veronica etro:veronica: we showed men and women for the first time together, but we’re also celebrating next year, 2018 our fiftieth anniversary since the brand was founded in 1968. 1968 was the year of counter culture, the summer of love, psychedelia. we went to india for this collection and it was a tribute to the paisley design, to what the paisley design stands for, for etro. kean: usually the embroidery, the jewellery in the men’s, it’s a bit limited, in etro especially but finally, i’m enjoying it and we’re doing it together, that’s a strength. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).