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ETRO Show- Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Milan (with interview)

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Artistic director : veronica etroinspiration : ‘folk deco ‘collection: a wardrobe based on prints, with some made 3d. always with a romantic and bohemian spirit and an inspiration which comes from italian postmodern architecture. this year the house celebrates its 50th anniversary and leans on its roots to create its future. lots of geometric frills, graphic cuts, flounces and fringing…every piece is a true artisan work. the colours are inspired by meadows and nature. (green, chocolate brown, mustard, tobacco, midnight blue…)we find paisley print, a real signature of the italian house, reinterpreted in many ways: in an ethnic, flecked way, and there’s also a print made from old floral painted paper, fifties style stripes and a blend of naïve patchwork. focus: on the romantic silhouettes with long fluid dresses which seem to float. draping effects for the coats and dresses. and the shawl on the shoulders. to note: the work on the knitwear with fringed cardigans, capes, ponchos and enveloping blankets. interview: veronica etro :this season we worked on the prints a lot which seems ironic to say for us, but in a different way, we actually thought to treat them more as embroideries. which means they were sort of technics that replace the embroidery, and like a scientist, i was placing and mapping the prints, the geometric boarders, the ruffles, in a way that everything is 3d moulded by hand, with these little paper dolls so that each piece really found its exact placement. i took inspiration from the architecture from the twenties but also i didn’t want to be too hard, they’re more manual, so you’ll find zigzags, stripes, checkerboard, diamond like memphis motifs, and in the end it was difficult for me to find a description. they’re more like molecular, they’re also called the new “cosmic prairie”, because it also takes inspiration from the wild west, but it’s not really an area, it’s like the land of endless horizons, and in the end it’s like a new tribe that mixes arts and craft and post-modernism. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)