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Balmain: Men's show Spring/Summer 2019 (with interview)

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Director of the creation : olivier rousteingplace : 37 orsay quai, in the ministry of foreign affairs’ lounges, around a collection inspired by music, acknowledging gainsbourg and especially michael jackson, whose main hits resonate throughout the show. collection : rich, colourful, brilliant. men who wear fully rhinestoned jackets with jeans and big sneakers on their feet. the models are reminiscent of movie actors, with multiple references to michael’s stage outfits- from red leather to the brandebourg jacket, signature tuxedo prints- but also more general american influences, such as teddys, t-shirts and preppy cardigans.the designer adds french pride, notably through the sailor and the blue/ white/ red colours. to note : the jackets with tailoring details and a broken mirror effect embroidered on the back+ the multiple mixed prints and the balmain logo made into the album cover+ the silver, shiny, light touch + the many girls parading, responding to the man interview olivier rousteing :what i wanted to express in this collection, was that music is essential in fashion. today people are beginning to accept it, 4 or 5 years ago i started to include singers, rappers, into my universe, a fairly pop universe, and people asked themselves the question : what does fashion really want or need from this universe, would fashion accept that it has a world of luxury that is sometimes more exclusive than inclusive, this universe and i have always said that music is still more important today because michael jackson was a reference for me. i wanted to show this inspiration, and at the same time it is gainsbourg because there are many « gainsbourgish » passages and it was a little bit of a discussion between michael and gainsbourg and thats what i have in my universe of inspiration, it has this very traditional french side and at the same time this american side of the 80s and 90s. this collection is the summary of all my dreams and aspirations. i think that michael’s music and especially the way he dressed, mixing sportswear, which has become a very fashionable fashion vision, that everybody has done before, mixing glam sportswear with jeans, mixing an embroidered jacket with jeans and sneakers, it was really a return to the roots and we are all looking for what millenials are, what is the future ? there is a kind of rebellion in this show, a completely unaggressive rebellion, it is rather a statement of fashion. music from the show (for use only context of this report, under cover of the right to information)